Teen Conservatory Les Misérables Auditions (DMR Adventures)

We are excited for you to audition for the Teen Conservatory Production: Les Misérables

Audition Dates are: Jan 22 & 23, 6:00-8:30PM (you must register in advance)

Call Backs are Saturday, Jan. 26 1PM-4PM (invite only)

Director: Celena Cox
Music Director: Kristin Baltes

Please read the following info file (coming soon) to learn more about the Teen Conservatory Production: Les Misérables (School Edition) – rehearsal schedule, and performances dates. Please do NOT register for an audition until you have confirmed that you can attend the rehearsal and performance dates. Mandatory rehearsals, including tech week and performances are NOT optional!! Commitment is important to working on a team.

INFO FILE: (Coming Soon)


Please choose one 10 minute slot (up to two performers may register for each audition slot). Please arrive approximately ten minutes prior to your audition time.

During that time, you will be asked to sing a short section of a song of your choosing (16-32 bars - standard musical theatre).

There will be accompanist and we’d like for you to bring sheet music but an instrumental track is also acceptable.

The audition will take place at 221 Carlton Road (Belmont Arts Collaborative).